Interesting Post I found

Pages without access

Some of the pages are with passwords, true, that’s because I am changing them temporary or few days , or+ :[, well at least I had time for these which work, you won’t have time to read everything here anyway, you’ll read more useful pages all over internet, ^enjoy. BB.

Current doing

I started before 3 days to code and test again the script from scratch …. , more on the Programming page.

My Personal Experience

Strange, never found texts for anything similar, but it does not prove that was my fiction or imagination…

I will write it, it will be longer…  WELL I WROTE THEM IN ABOUT ME.. enjoy I did it.

Useful Things

“I've tried once and they changed it, I gave up. What we will do?” — never bee Albert


One of the Truths Freaky and Scary

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