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We were. Some become awake and knowing by instincts and science after, but ARE they (making) value theirself as they should, since (some 1% of all) we know but we wait even one to become like from our hearts, as it was 4 billion years before, but improved with immunity. Yes, you found the missing source of the 3-triple-helix-pc-protein, but will you succeed to save it and give piece to the rest who brought you on Earth surface?, and save it from the bigger monsters as it was always? Love You who wrote the text on the web, who ever You are, You are step closer to us, and welcome to our mission of saving our (all-including even 1 cell memory under graves or dust) creators but leaving the monsters to die naturally without any part of our heart. We have the source (we around 1% and different dna from all life on Earth), our hopes are Will You succeed?

Pages without access

Some of the pages are with passwords, true, that’s because I am changing them temporary or few days , or+ :[, well at least I had time for these which work, you won’t have time to read everything here anyway, you’ll read more useful pages all over internet, ^enjoy. BB.

Current doing

I started before 3 days to code and test again the script from scratch …. , more on the Programming page.

My Personal Experience

Strange, never found texts for anything similar, but it does not prove that was my fiction or imagination…

I will write it, it will be longer…  WELL I WROTE THEM IN ABOUT ME.. enjoy I did it.


One of the Truths Freaky and Scary


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